April 22, 2010

Um, GAP?

Dear GAP,
Hi there! Remember me? I did a post a bit back about your new premium line of denim and how excited I was to try them out?

I loved both the Real Skinny jeans for my winter boots and my redesigned freshman year favorite, the Long and Lean. Both fit beautifully and have been in heavy rotation lately. I thought you might be turning a corner with your denim and have been peeking at your website lately to see what else is in store.

But this? This makes me question your sanity. And whether it's secretly 1995 but no one told me. Should I spritz on my Bath & Body Works Country Apple body splash before wearing this ensemble?

Someone please explain this to me. Have I transported to a time when Alanis Morissette really really needed breakup counseling - or is this actually a new trend? (Hey, if clogs are back, anything's possible...)

I saw the InStyle article on how to make jean shorts work, but I missed the memo on denim overall dresses. And for $70?

If you're considering this particular number, call me and we'll find a better way to spend your money. In the meantime, I'll be busy thinking up a name for this fabulous garment. If jorts and jeggings already exist, would we call this a jess?


Stephanie said...

OMG -- This is definitely a mid-90's trend that needs to stay in the past. And I can't believe it's $70. I can think of about a million better options for a $70 outfit. Anne, I hope you'll be able to reform those who may be considering such a purchase!

Katie said...

We would call this an ABOMINATION! The country apple body splash shout-out killed me. I was a freesia girl, myself..such a nonconformist I was at 13.

Rowena said...

Ewwww ewww eww. The end.

Becky said...

My own denim dress from 1995 was WAY shorter than this one. And I wore it proudly with black tights and super-clunky Herman Munster shoes. So hot!!!

Can they bring back grunge, too? That was a GREAT look for all involved, don't you think?

TheBrookshires said...

Ha! I agree! Let's hope overalls aren't making a comeback either!

Kristen said...

Yikes! This reminds me of the post The Fug Girls did about Anne Hathaway when she was spotted wearing this denim number:


Wrong on so many levels!

Kathy said...

Holy 90s... that is terrible.

Erin said...

It reminds me of the super-cool pair of overalls that I wore with a rose colored T shirt and thought that I was SOOOOO cool back in the day. I think that i was also listening to 'The Sign'

Jessica said...

Okay well, as a Jess I must say this is ABSOLUTELY disgusting. I have seen many a sorority girl rock all kinds of 90s throwbacks lately (fannie-packs are my favorite) but we really should leave the Denim Dresses to 50 year elementary school teachers. Lordy, lordy, lordy! Save the $70 on the denim dress as buy 3 sundresses at Target!!


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