April 9, 2010

A Packed Car Adventure to Atlanta

In a matter of moments, the Smith household will be on its way to Atlanta to visit some of our very dearest friends. We can't wait!

Packing the car with two grown-ups, a drooling six-month-old, a hairy, panting chocolate lab, a stroller, a Pack 'n Play, a Bumbo, our luggage, a diaper bag, a Medela bag, a bag of rice cereal & baby food and assorted gifts? Whew.

I'm trying to pack light but it may be impossible! No wonder people buy giant SUVs the very moment they see two pink lines. I used to mock those people...

Mac is going to love his first visit to Atlanta - and first out of South Carolina, for that matter.

Please pray that traffic cooperates, Mac enjoys himself and we don't leave a trail of drool all over town. For better or worse, ATL, here we come!

What are your favorite things to do in Atlanta? When Mac's bigger I know we'll be able to enjoy a lot of the city's best-loved activities with him. For now, though, I'm planning on lots of strolling, chatting and outdoor dining. Any other suggestions?


Kristen said...

Have so much fun, give E a hug for me, and tell my old stomping ground that I said hello! :) Love you!!

Lindsey and Josh said...

This post literally made me laugh out loud! This totally sounds just like the Freeman clan over the holidays. By the way...we are one of those people that bought a large SUV after one trip in the Mazda. So funny and yet very true! Have a great trip!


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