March 12, 2010

Things You Should Know: Part Two

Early last spring, I had the only dream in my entire pregnancy about our baby-to-be. (There were many insanely detailed dreams about cruises filled with a mix of reality TV stars and unhappy coworkers, but no other dreams of our actual child.)

In the dream, I had delivered a red-headed baby. A baby girl.

I felt this had to be a sign that everyone and their brother was wrong about my little bump. My parents, my husband, all our friends - the vote seemed to be unanimous that baby Grapenut was a he. I didn't want to get to attached to a particular pronoun, so I held out that my dream might have meaning. Maybe I was having a girl?

I think you know how that turned out; our sweet Mac arrived last October.

A month or so after he was born, my best friend Kristen found out that she was expecting. I told her I had a gut feeling it was a girl. (And so did she. Validation! Surely my instincts were right!)

She's had an ultrasound at nearly every appointment (lucky duck!) but there was nary a sign of boy parts on that sweet baby's body. More validation! I was inches away from buying ruffled diaper covers.

Last week, a year to the day after our first ultrasound (a heartbeat!) with Mac, Kristen and her husband went in for their 20 week ultrasound. Suddenly, there were some special parts on display that had been hidden before. Our sweet friends are having a baby boy!

Mac is thrilled to have a best friend on the way and I know Mr. and Mrs. Gamecock are tickled (blue) for their upcoming bundle.

The lesson in all this? Guessing babies' genders is a 50/50 game. And I'm pretty terrible at it.

If you're pregnant and I have a deep-down feeling that you're carrying a girl, play it safe: Paint the nursery blue!

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