March 11, 2010

Hodge Podge: Spring Cleaning, Schedules, Socials & Suppers

If you can't tell by my intermittent bouts of silence followed by a flurry of tweeting, commenting and blogging, I'm still figuring out my new schedule. So many things (sleeping, gym going, grocery shopping, menu planning, errand running, baby kissing, house cleaning, laundry doing, dog walking) are being worked back into my life that I'm having a hard time figuring out how each day will go.

I, much like a preschooler, thrive off of routine. My new routine? Not quite defined yet. Mac's schedule and mine each seem to vary daily. I'm working on that!

Being home more makes me realize how much there is to do around here - and how woefully inept I am at getting it all done. Spring cleaning has me itching to donate the contents of pretty much all our closets. I'm in purging mode for sure and can't wait to see the finished (cleaned out) products of my hard work.

In the midst of all this transition, we did manage to sneak away for a really fun party this past weekend. Our friends Heather and Ben were thrown a fabulous fiesta/couples shower and my parents came up to watch Mac while we celebrated. Can't wait to see them tie the knot in Charleston this May!

(Can you tell I rushed in totally late to this Clemson girls' picture? Hence the awkward pose...well, I'm always awkward but this was esp. bad!)

(Emily, on the left, has a precious daughter Mac just has to meet soon. Her baby shower was the last party I attended before seeing two pink lines!)

I have been spending lots of time learning about the exciting worlds of menu planning and couponing - now that I'm home more, I figure it's time I learn to stretch that grocery dollar. In three weeks, I have learned so much, cooked a great deal more and already noticed a sizable difference in what we spend on food.

Is that too grown-up and boring a topic for me to share with y'all? Because I am (super-dorkily) excited about it!

Hope you're all having fabulous weeks! xoxo


Erin said...

I want to learn about menu planning and coupon clipping from you! Really cannot wait to see you VERY soon!

Misty said...

Hey Anne! I have a great site that I use for menu planning, its called and if you want to try it out let me know and I will give you the dets. It actually prints out a grocery list for you!! Please share your couponing tips, because I stink at it :) Oh and I have a new blog...

Have a great day!


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