March 22, 2010

(Manic) Menu Monday

Our house has not been the calmest of places today; after my meeting tomorrow morning Mac and I will be headed to Columbia. B has a conference there, so all three Smiths will be in town, if not under the same roof.

Mac has had, shall we say, not the best of days. I haven't seen him this unsettled since he was a newborn, so I've been a bundle of energy/nerves/frustration/confusion/off-key singing/rocking/jiggling/reading/shushing trying to figure out how to comfort him, quiet him, or at least get him to sleep. Could it be teething?? (Just when you think you've figured those babies out, they pull a fast one on you!)

Tomorrow night will be Mac's first night away from our house; he'll be staying with his grandparents in Columbia and they are overjoyed! I'm trying not to pack everything he owns, since we'll be bringing Blue with us as well and that poor pup needs a little room in the car too!

Menu Monday is a little off, as we won't be here tomorrow, but here we go all the same:

Monday: Homemade Bradley Burgers (my very favorite on Earth)
Tuesday: Something delicious in Columbia (Rush's, Lizard's Thicket, Za's? Can't decide!)
Wednesday: Pork Chops (the ones I never made last week) with mac & cheese
Thursday: Cube steak and gravy (B's special request)
Friday: Turkey chili and cornbread
Saturday: Homemade veggie pizza

What's on your table tonight?


Whitney Bouknight said...

Anne, I am so impressed with your weekly menus. Last night I had vegetarian chili from Earthfare and Heyward had a Lean Cuisine. I need to do better!

Kathryn Whitaker said...

Please send me the recipe for your cube steak and gravy when you have a chance! Sounds like a yummy meal I need to make...


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