March 31, 2010

Things You Should Know: Part Four

I cried at the gym today.

For some reason, exercise has always made me emotional. Just ask Kristen, at whom I snapped on a long run, "Could you please breathe a little more quietly?" Or something along those lines. Bless her heart for not tripping me right then.

So today I was going full steam ahead on a treadmill when Zac Brown's "Highway 20 Ride" video came on. Hearing those lyrics always puts a lump in my throat, but the combination of an accelerated heartbeat and watching a little boy "grow up" onscreen did me in.

There were tears, y'all. On a treadmill. I am mortified.

I've cried every Sunday in church since I found out I was pregnant 14 months ago. That I can blame on hormones, on gratitude, on thinking of our precious son in God's house and feeling overcome with emotion. (I know I'm not alone on this. Brooke, feel free to back me up!)

The people who sit near us each week must imagine I'm struggling with some intense issues. I had to warn our friends who were visiting Grace the other week that I probably wouldn't make it through tear-free, and not to be alarmed. Sure enough, in the last song before service ended, the saltwater started flowing. I was so close!

I have no idea what my treadmill neighbors thought, but I'll tell you one thing: next time I'm changing the channel!

Watch this video and see if you can make it through - then teach me your ways! This line, at the 3:00 mark, gets me every time:

"It was the pleasure of my life and I cherished every time. And my whole world, it begins and ends with you."


Day Old News said...

Thinking of running makes me want to cry, too. But more importantly, I just saw that you love breakfast as much as I do. Brinner (breakfast for dinner) is one of my fav meals and I have it ALL the time.

MatersandMelons said...

You and I have a lot in common. I cry in church ALL the time! It all started when I was pregnant with Sanders, and I found out that our priest was leaving. I loved, loved, LOVED him, and every church service after that I was a mess of tears. His last service was when Sanders was 5 days old, and I was a total, hormonal mess. It hasn't gotten much better since then! It isn't only church that I cry in, either -- that song "I Loved Her First" -- tears, tears, tears! Really, I cry over everything!

Beth Messervy said...

Two glasses of wine + a 4-month old baby boy asleep in his crib + the part in this video when the mother hugs her son on his wedding day = A FLOOD OF TEARS!!!!

Emily Emeneker said...

Sweetheart, between the day care name mix up and crying on the treadmill, it might be time to start shopping for another gym. Just make sure to do a double take before leaving the locker room, just in case. Love you!


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