August 23, 2009

What I Love about Sundays

  1. Sunday morning service with B. (Baby Mac moves around to let me know he's there, too.)
  2. A long, leisurely lunch now that our Sunday School year has ended; our sweet four-year-old class has moved up to the "big kid" 5k room. We're taking a brief hiatus from teaching and hope to resume next spring. It was so much fun but I'm grateful for a little extra time on Sundays - I think we'll need it these next few months!
  3. The return of our small group! Our church takes the summer off from small group meetings, so I'm excited to catch up with everyone and welcome our newest member. (One of our small group guys got married this summer, so obviously his adorable wife is invited to join the fun.)
  4. Time to cook a real dinner! (For us and for a friend who's recently had a baby.)

  5. A little free time to pick up the house, put on some clean sheets, mentally prepare for the week ahead, catch up on reading...and then just plain relax.
  6. My snuggle partner Blue, who is always willing to help me sit, nap or lounge. Who wants to do yard work or clean bathrooms when you can curl up with your 80-pound lap dog?
  7. Chat time with far-away family and friends.
  8. A new episode of Mad Men!
  9. A work-free, errand-free day with B that includes all of our favorite things - a little sleep, a little worship, a little time with friends and a lot of taking it easy.

Hope your Sunday is wonderful as well!


1 comment:

Erin said...

I am soo glad that you are blogging again! It is like getting to have mini conversations with you all day! I hope that your sunday is great and i cannot wait to catch up and see you next weekend~ I will try you again this afternoon and hopefully we can have our phone date :)


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