August 21, 2009

So you CAN write a thank you note too quickly

When I arrived home on Wednesday evening, I noticed a lovely package on our front porch - a baby gift! I was so excited to open it and happily whipped up a little thank you note for the generous couple who sent it our way.

After dropping my note in the mail on Thursday, B and I headed to our exciting hospital excursion last night and got home pretty late. When I woke up this morning, he told me there were two packages we missed on our front porch! (That, by the way, is a great way to get me not to hit the snooze button. I was out of bed in a flash!)

Friends, it was parts two and three of our original gift. Bradley's wonderful brother and his wife had sent us three fabulous items off our baby registry - and now there's a note en route to their home thanking them for exactly one of them.

So now - another thank you note explaining the situation and raving about our newest additions? I tried, girls, but so much for manners!

1 comment:

ms. mindless said...

that is so funny! i always try to write my thank you notes right away too!


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