August 12, 2009

The happiest of summers

What a long, quiet summer it's been. Things have been indescribably wonderful in our sweet little household these past few months - remarkably simple and very, very quiet. But I'm back with lots to share, so much to catch up on and a great deal of excitement about the next chapter in our lives!

We're just over the two month mark 'til baby Mac gets here; I'm nearly 31 weeks pregnant and October 17 feels like it's right around the corner. Strange how that happens - all of 2009 seems blurry after we found out we were expecting. And now, all of a sudden, football season and the hope of cooler weather seem to be just ahead. (With that, of course, comes baby time... Wow.)

I'm of two minds about this: On the one hand, when people tell me I'm in the home stretch, I feel grateful and comforted. Only nine-ish weeks left, I can hang! On the other hand, when I'm told that there's plenty of time left, I also feel strangely relieved. There's so much to do - how could we get it all done if we were truly in the "home stretch"??

For an anxious gal like myself, this pregnancy has been unbelievably blessed; I can feel that my tendency to worry and make list upon list of things to do has been lifted. I've been able (miraculously) to take things slowly and enjoy each little step along the way - even the stumbling, blurry-eyed visits to the ladies' room in the pitch black darkness each night.

Baby Mac is already such a part of our thought process, our conversations, our daily lives...I can't imagine how amazing it's going to be to meet him and start the lifelong process of getting to know the little boy who's been performing Riverdance jigs in my stomach all these weeks.

We're over the moon and have been (selfishly) indulging in a long, slow summer - something we've been quite intentional about. Anything unenjoyable or unnecessary has been cut out of our weekend schedules. Spending time together whenever possible (crazy work schedules aside) has been the best gift Bradley could have given me as we prepare for a new, undoubtedly hectic season in our marriage.

My sweet friends Liz, Kristen and Erin are hosting a baby shower for me later this month and I can't wait to see them and celebrate! These three ladies haven't been under one roof since our wedding, so it's a fabulous treat to have time with each of them at once.

I'll be back with more tonight - including pictures! - but I wanted to say hello. (I'm writing this Tuesday evening to hopefully figure out how to have it post on Wednesday...hence the "this evening.")

Things I'm excited to chat about with you:
  • Google Maps' street view feature goes to Paris - and makes me relive my summer abroad. Wouldn't that go a little differently now?
  • A new season of Mad Men and The Time Traveler's Wife in one weekend - can I handle it?
  • To read or not to read: Sneak in The Time Traveler's Wife before or after the movie? The pros and cons are many, friends.
  • A birthday, an anniversary and a few summer weddings
  • Nursery progress - and the fabric samples dancing through my head at 3am
  • Who's afraid of having a baby? Not me. Right?
  • The ridiculous pressure that comes with naming your (unborn) bundle o' joy
  • Crazy things people say (and probably shouldn't) to pregnant folk
  • The type-A personality gives way to a go with the flow're going to be amazed, y'all!
Back soon!

(Also, I'm in need of a blog facelift...who has recommendations??)


Fisher Family said...

YAY!! So glad you're no longer silent! I just snuck in a re-read of Time-Traveler's Wife before the movie. READ IT! Especially if you haven't read it before, I have a feeling it will make the movie so much better. Actually, it took me a few chapters to really understand how the time travel worked, so I have no idea how they'll do that in the movie. Do you have plans to go see it? Let me know if you need a partner!

Traci Theodore said...

Hey old friend! I'm glad you did this! I just told Matt the other day that none of my blogging buds have been updating lately and as a result, I have had to boringly facebook stalk instead, :-) I'm really wanting to start one myself, and am trying to think of the right web address/title. When that comes, so will the blog. Any insight? Glad to see yours too, Liz. I'm so looking forward to the shower. Oh, and Anne...what is baby Mac's full name going to be?...and for some reason this old grandma is having a hard time reading the font/color against that pretty pink background, so if you do facelift, get the idea. Can't wait to read some mo'. Love you!

Anonymous said...

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