August 22, 2009

Born to Buy Jeans

What girl doesn't have a love/hate relationship with the denim in her closet? Branching out is always hard, finding new styles and designers can be scary - and seeing the total after you've splurged on a new "makes my backside look ridiculously amazing" pair can be even scarier than the dressing room nightmare.

I'm pregnant but I've still bought two pairs of jeans this summer - a fabulous pair of Citizens that has been a remarkable buy and a less-than-perfect pair I am barely pulling out of the closet. I'm already looking forward to slipping back into pre-prego jeans.

With fall (and fall clothes!) nearly upon us, fashion is clearly the hot topic in print and online. If you have so much as a single magazine subscription, my guess is you've seen the ads Gap is bombarding us with to let us know that their Born to Fit premium jeans line has launched.

(Blogger slynnro recently wrote about a giveaway for them here.)

I'm curious - who's tried them? Who's going to? Do we think ads in Vanity Fair, Oprah, Glamour and the like can help Gap compete with the higher end Nordstrom brands?

If I can find and love a pair of great-fitting $55 jeans, girls, please believe I'll be doing it. In the new year, of course. In the meantime, I'm just living through you...

1 comment:

Rowena said...

First, I love the new format

Second, I went to Gap today to try out the new jeans and every single pair fit just like the old ones or worse. The "new" thing that they are doing is to have sizing like the designers, ie 30 = size 10. The one good thing I can say about them is that the denim is softer. I liked that.


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