January 21, 2009

This is what 18 months of marriage will do to a girl...

Today marks a year and half since Bradley and I said "I do." Keep that in mind as a little bit of an excuse as you read.

In preparation for the greatest snowstorm that never was, I ran by Target to grab a variety of excitingly mundane things for "the house." (If you're not aware, that's code for "I want to see what cute Valentine's day items/fancy British make up/new Isaac Mizrahi shoes Target is stocking.")

Knowing that many people would be preparing their generators for a total black-out and seven days of powerless living due to a few flakes, I decided to get only the basics. Diet Coke, an exciting new face cream, lip gloss, hangers for my as-yet-unaccomplished closet overhaul, whitening toothpaste, bread, milk, peanut butter and Febreze. So, essentially, the works.

No need to lecture me about American consumerism or the desire to substitute things for love, or the plot of modern day "Mad Men" to have us buy any little thing we lay our eyes on. I work in advertising. I know the drill. And therefore I appreciate mocking a ridiculous TV spot or the absolutely unnecessary product it's pitching. (For instance, the new creamy fabric softening scents from Snuggle. And the 'ladies who lunch' while discussing their, ahem, inner workings and the benefits of probiotic yogurt.)

I know when we're being taken advantage of, when a "free gift with purchase" is just a trap and when we women in particular are being targeted through a variety of stereotypical assumptions and marketing ploys. The problem? I'm fully aware, absolutely mindful and I still fall for it. Hook, line and sinker. Every time.

What's this have to do with Target? So glad you asked. In my whirlwind trip to grab just the basics, I, um, happened upon the laundry aisle. I did need Febreze, after all. Blue loves a deliciously scented couch!

The problem? They were all sold out of Snuggles' almonds and cream swirl fabric softener. Sold out! Perhaps in preparation for all the laundry we Upstaters would be doing during the invisible snowstorm?

Anyway, it didn't matter. I wasn't going to buy it, y'all. Just smell it. I mean, I love almond. I was actually kind of (sadly) excited about it.

So now it's public knowledge: I'm an old married lady with few other highlights in her day besides oohing over the aroma of a new fabric softener.

If it's this bad eighteen months in, people, I'm going to need y'all to send for help when we hit the ten year mark.

Hope you're bundled up and cozy!!


Candice said...

Cute post! And I thinks it's so fun to start doing things that signify age. I mean, we do them because that's who we're becoming and what we love right?? No need to deny that! And I'm definitely going to have to try that fabric softener!

Anonymous said...

You and Brad didn't get any snow at all? We had some here in Cola, but it barely sticked; it was just about gone by mid-afternoon.

Erin said...

what a cute post! It was so entertaining, as always. It also perfectly chronicled my trips to target at well... miss you!


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