January 25, 2009

Before you start another crazy week....

1. Tell me a few of your favorite gym songs. I am working on a fabulous new playlist and absolutely welcome your suggestions. I use it as a total excuse for all of the crap, um, pop music on my iPod. Britney, Three 6 Mafia, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Kevin Rudolf, Kanye, Christina, Mandy Moore - whaaat? I know, I know. I keep it to the clean versions, but a girl's got to keep it exciting if she wants to tempt herself onto the treadmill. So add a little to my playlist... I promise to take your advice!

2. Be in prayer for a Clemson graduate and Columbia native who could certainly use them! This adorable girl is engaged to be married this spring and has found out she has two brain tumors. She's set for surgery this Tuesday the 27th to see if they are benign or malignant. I'm praying for beningn!!

3. Join me in hoping that the groundhog predicts a quick and sunny spring next week!!

4. Take a moment to (finally) learn how to tie a stylish scarf. Also, enjoy a good Southern accent, some lovely lady chatter and a bit of good insight into Bachelor contestants' fashion faux pas. This will totally be me in ten years - if I'm lucky, that is!! It goes to show that sorority-style gal pals never go out of fashion!

Scarf Tying 101 from Big Mama on Vimeo.

Fortunately, I can wear stylishly chic jeans, heels and scarves to work. I think I wore one every day last week. Newly acquired are hot pink, lime green and charcoal from (yes, you're reading this correctly) Wal-Mart. I walked by to grab some eye cream and what do you know - they've got cute pashminas!

Add to that my gorgeous orange gift pashmina from K.Dub, the purple one my friend Jennifer just forced me to purchase, a red one that got broken in over the holidays and a mauve one from my summer in Paris well before they were in style - well, you can see how easy it is to throw one on over a t-shirt and call yourself a fashionista.

Have a fabulous, fabulous week, y'all!

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