January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged a number of times to do this on Facebook, so I thought I'd repost it here. I'd love to learn 25 new things about each of y'all on your own blogs!

1. I was born in England, where my dad was opening a UK branch of a South Carolina-based company; we flew home when I was six months old. As a result, I can't donate blood - something about Mad Cow disease?

2. My first name is after my maternal grandmother, who was German. Watching a teacher's face as she tried to pronounce it on the first day of every school year was terrible! Thankfully Anne is a lot easier to say.

3. I don't sing in the shower but I do sing constantly in the car.

4. I'll reread a well-loved book until it falls apart.

5. I'd rather change a diaper than a tire. I sincerely hope that doesn't make me a stereotype.

6. I believe 2009 is the year of the scarf.

7. More than two years after I got it, I still stare at my engagement ring well more than anyone should. I got a new ring for Christmas, so now I'm staring at both hands and looking straight crazy...

8. I have never smoked a thing.

9. The only beer I'll sip is this delicious raspberry Belgian concoction, Lindeman's Framboise. I think it's 1% alcohol and 99% juice, but it's fabulous!

10. I don't drink coffee but love Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper. Nothing helps me get through a work day quite as effectively as popping open a cold DC.

11. I don't eat cheese except on pizza.

12. I wish I was Italian; pasta and gelato are two of my favorite things!

13. I eat everything plain. No ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, sauerkraut, salad dressing, alfredo or other heavy sauces. Essentially I'm a preschool eater in a grown up's body.

14. I used to wear way more pink and green than you can imagine. I'm broadening my accessory choices these days, though, and leaning towards a lot more purple. (And orange, of course. Go Tigers!)

15. My dog Blue is one of my favorite people (yes, people) on Earth.

16. A DVR has been both the best and worst thing ever to happen to my free time. I follow way too many TV shows - Mad Men, LOST, The Office, 30 Rock and The Bachelor.

17. My favorite places in the world are Paris, Clemson and Charleston - or any South Carolina beach. I'd rather hang out at home with friends than alone anywhere else, though. I'm a total extrovert and a believer that who you're with matters more than where you are.

18. I could sleep 10 hours a day if left to my own devices. During the week I aim for eight.

19. I've spoken at my college and high school graduations, plus a few other big events that left me more excited than scared. Speaking in front of a small group of people, particularly those who mean a lot to me, gets me much more nervous than 11,000 people in Littlejohn Coliseum ever could.

20. I'm trying really hard to learn to cook. It's a work in progress. My two favorite cookbooks are one devoted solely to breakfast and another to soups.

21. I eat grits as a meal any time of day. I have also been known to drink sweet tea with brunch. Life without those two staples is hard to imagine.

22. I've adopted Dolly Parton's mantra from Steel Magnolias - no one cries alone in my presence. That entire movie is pretty much quotable genius. I can't even discuss "two pigs fighting under a blanket" without laughing 'til I cry.

23. I generally refuse to cry in front of people I'm not extremely close to - so I guess that's a compliment to you if you've ever seen my splotchy, crying face.

24. I always carry hand sanitizer, Burt's Bees, lip gloss and a tiny hair brush. At work I usually stock Shout wipes, too. Don't laugh - everyone always asks to borrow my "grandma" supplies!

25. As loud and over the top as I can be, my husband Bradley and my friends are still the funniest people I know. Believe it or not, I tend to be silently sitting, listening and bent over laughing when we're all together.


Candice said...

I love getting to know more about you! What a fun post. I think your first name is so pretty - I've always wished I was named after someone in my family!

Emily Emeneker said...

Completely agree with quotable Steel Magnolias. Hands down the best movie ever - at least for Southern ladies!

Jennifer said...

1. You never mention how you are like Kelly from the Office.

Another fav quote for 22.... "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me."


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