January 25, 2009

I knew I wasn't alone!

I am not the only gal south of, well, anywhere who is on the hunt for addictive and budget-friendly accessories. It's difficult to have a closet full of options if they're all high end, n'est-ce pas? Let's save our splurges for the truly timeless...perfect jeans, amazing bag, vacation in the tropics. That's another post for another day, though.

Apparently some grown and girly bloggers have caught on to the Walmart scarf trend. Like Brandi below, I am also a Target girl through and through. But you can't beat $5 with a stick, even if you have to admit your super chic accessory is from the home of the Rollback smiley face!

Here is Brandi's suggestion for tying a scarf. While you're looking, you also need to get hooked on Bring the Rain, Angie's blog where the original query was posed. Big Mama, our first video tutor, is a great read as well. Enjoy, gals!

Scarf Conversations from Brandi Wilson on Vimeo.

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