April 18, 2008

In case you missed it...

The email chain that launched the blog. After (literally) 40 emails in response to my rant about a Columbia native who has made it to MTV to potentially ruin the name of all the lovely women in the Palmetto State, I have decided to copy and paste the chain here in case you missed it.

Anne S. STARTED IT ALL with: Good morning! I was very dismayed to see that a Columbia girl has made it onto the Gawker blog for something, um, not so admirable. This is Kimberly, a remarkable young lady who has made an audition tape for MTV's Real World.

SOMEONE has to know who she is - I'm dying to figure her out! Is this for real? Does she really consider herself a southern belle as she goes off about how she hates, well, you'll see... Can't wait to hear what you think.

Emily H. wrote: That was horrifying. I had no idea any one human could say "like" that much.

Sarah W. wrote: Funny you should bring this up my friend…. My best friend from college actually lived with Kim the summer after our Freshman Year… we referred to her as “Crazy Kim” (seriously).

Brooke F. wrote: Of course somebody knows her! This is South Carolina, my friends. I just watched the video and she seems really smart. I bet her mother is proud.

Brantley S. wrote: I am as dismayed as you Anne, but not surprised because I went to high school with "KIMMY" and the video pretty much sums everything up. I have many stories.....

Ginny J. wrote: I would just like to say that I'm pleasantly amused, but not surprised, that Anne was able to uncover some background info on this girl with just a quick email. A key illustration of being from the state where "everybody knows your name and your business," as said by Miss South Carolina earlier this year in the Miss America pageant.

Anne wrote: I think MTV would be bored to tears if any real Southern belle (read: madras, thank you notes, sweet tea, devotion to the fam, lots of smiling, hugs, tailgates and pretty shoes) got onto the Real World. She seriously knocked her front teeth out, y'all! We've got nothing on her... not even in our wildest moments. And with that, this southern belle is off to finish her Thursday night Diet Coke, fold some laundry, pet the dog and hit the hay.

Brooke F. wrote: Anne, I’m sure everyone would agree with this: You really need a blog. Your e-mails absolutely make my day! You should share your humor with the world. I hope the DC was tasty, the laundry got folded and the dog is happily patted.

Erin D. wrote: I couldn't agree more that Anne needs a blog- all of these emails are priceless... I see her name pop up in my inbox and think- oh good, something cute, sweet and almost always hilarious. Here's to a happy Friday and Anne starting her 'blog of a true southern belle.'

Ginny J. wrote: I second (or third, or whatever) the motion for an Anne blog! I'malways wondering what Anne would say about this or that.

Rowe C. wrote: I wholeheartedly concur!

Bess McC. wrote:
1. I will definitely be watching the real world b/c "kimmy" seems like a person that I'd love to hate.
2. Brantley, let's hear some stories!
3. I second the blog. I'd check it daily!

...and here we are, folks. If you made it to the bottom of this post, give yourself a cookie - you're all caught up. So Sarah has gotten me this fabulous domain name, and off we go.

Hopefully this will cut WAY down on the number of random and massive emails I send out. But you may be learning a lot more about what goes on in my crazy, illogical but thoroughly amusing brain than you ever cared to. You've been warned!

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Unknown said...

I am so upset that my response got booted from your blog! :-*( I thought it was actually good too!


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