April 21, 2008

Happy (no particular) Holiday!

Bradley and I got married nine months ago today. We have enjoyed 274 days of fabulousness. Don't you think we should celebrate? Why isn't there an official gift for this particular anniversary? The ninth (year) anniversary present is designated as pottery, but quite honestly I'd take a giant cupcake on a plate. Or just an emptied dishwasher, some folded laundry, and encouragement on an outdoor run. (More likely the case, which certainly leaves me with no complaints!)

Considering that our marriage has outlasted the marital unions of Nicky Hilton (the elder) and Liz Taylor, Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd, and Britney Spears' first ex-husband, I think we deserve a little bubbly as well. Not that I need a real reason to celebrate! After all, it's a Monday...

I enjoy commemorating random occasions, not just wedding-related ones. Engagement, first meeting someone, new jobs, tax day, moving, new puppies, you name it. On our one-month anniversary, Bradley and I feasted on burgers and toasted with champagne in some beautiful Tiffany crystal flutes. We're a high-class pair, after all.

(Side note: Courtesy of their website on The Knot, I recently discovered that my friend Erin and her husband Michael are coming up on 1000 days of marriage. Now that is a fun anniversary. I suggested that she give him 1000 of his favorite - preferably small - candies. Bradley suggested 1000 of his favorite dollar bills. Ahh, the gender gap.)

What's the weirdest event you've ever celebrated? I've even heard of unengagement (ahem, Heidi Montag) parties and divorce bashes, but I'd prefer to celebrate a dog's birthday, six months of surviving in the big city, three months of finally remembering to pay your cell phone bill on time, or some other joyful occasion. Why pay more attention to the negative than is absolutely necessary? And bubbly is not always necessary - sometimes raspberry ginger ale in a wine glass or even a well-mixed chocolate milk will do.

Random thoughts for the morning. Happy Monday! Whatever you're up to today, find something to celebrate in it!


Erin said...

So Michael and I did celebrate 1000 days of marriage with 1000 M&M's given to Michael, at which point he said "Wow, I have put up with you for that many days?" followed by flowers for the ugly statement...Overall it was a fun little milestone to celebrate.

Rowe said...

We always celebrate February 12, the first time Devin said those three words. We NEVER celebrate Valentine's Day, except the first year and he took me to see the Vagina Monologues because he knew I performed my own monologue the year before.


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