January 25, 2011

My Life In Numbers

Strewn around my backseat:
3 empty sippy cups
2 self-feeder bowls (contents: only Cheerio crumbs)
4 books for my read-on-the-go toddler
1 diaper bag
897* crushed Cheerios
17,321* chocolate lab hairs
1 Mac-sized hoodie
1 Clemson blanket for chilly trips
2 Angel Dear lovies (current faves: green frog and white lamb)

Scattered in our bedroom:
9* unfolded loads of clean laundry in a mountain
6 unread child-rearing books
4 Bibles
5 Bible study guides
3 long-untouched "read when I have free time" works of fiction
2 pairs of boots
2 pairs of ballet flats
eleventy-billion scarves

On a corner of my kitchen counter, right next to my "keep organized" filing rack:
321* unsorted coupons
17* unopened insurance Explanation of Benefits
Countless bills, invitations and announcements
February magazines
Catalogs I should toss but won't 'til I "look through" them
FSA receipts
Business expense receipts
Verizon phone refund paperwork
Drugstore refund paperwork
Assorted photos

1 giant grocery trip to make (to fill 1 very empty pantry);
1 meal to make for a sweet family with a new baby;
1 overdue oil change;
1 contract to finish;
1 PR plan to finalize;
2 press releases to write;
2 days until until I leave for a meeting in Charleston Thursday night, therefore:
2.5 days until my in-laws come to play with Mac while B works Friday;
3.5 days until my parents come to play with Mac while B and I have his birthday "date day" and attend a couples' shower;
4.5 days 'til our crazy Sunday, where we're away from 8:45 'til 1:15, then 3:45 to 6:15;
5.5 days 'til we start a new, busy week;
4 booked weekends in a row;
5 Saturdays until we can spend one on the sofa in pj's again.

Whew. Bottom line: I fail at life today. Too much paper, too many "things" sitting around, too much to do altogether. And my backseat is a Cheerio graveyard! I am officially that girl. Today's one big redeeming factor: I squeezed in an hour at the gym.

My life, as a whole, is wonderful, but 2011 is not starting off to be my most seamless, organized, paper-free, pared down year. My datebook is all that's keeping my head attached to my body!

Tomorrow I will be cleaning, writing, calling, cleaning more, organizing, story-reading, baby-wrangling and altogether busy busy busy to catch up. (In-law and parent visits motivate me to get my house in tip-top shape!) I need to knock something out of the ballpark to feel a bit better about this week.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

*These numbers are approximate. To ensure you really understand how dire the situation is, double them for full effect.


California Wife said...

Oh my goodness, you've certainly got your hands full these days! I hope your VERY busy life slows down a little bit soon!

Emily said...

Oh goodness! I can so relate!! My car is out of control and I have a pile high on my washing machine.. to organize and go through!! Hang in there! I know you will get through it all!!!!

Stacy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with cheerios scattered all over my backseat...it drives Paul up the wall how much stuff is in my car but it's not easy to clean out while supervising a baby! Also I'm glad I'm not the only one who's house is a mess!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Anne. This made me laugh. It also made me run and check my own agenda! :) You're so clever. You are not alone. My backseat is covered in goldfish crackers, tiny socks that refuse to be worn, and a whole family of baby dolls. It's out of control. I'm sure you'll get everything on your list accomplished - hang in there!


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