January 27, 2011

Little Bookworm

I can't lay claim to the blue eyes on this boy. I can't take credit for his light hair. I can only vaguely pat myself on the back for his burgeoning vocabulary.

His love for books, though, is another story entirely.

Growing up, my parents made a "no reading at the table" rule; otherwise I'd keep my eyes glued to a captivating chapter, passing up real life conversations with my family. (Unthinkable for this loudmouth, right?)

Give me a book long enough and I could survive a roadtrip anywhere. Looking out the window is for sightseers; I prefer a page.

Mac might wish otherwise when he realizes it's "uncool," but he loves to "read" already.

I like to watch him point at pages of dogs and babies and big red balls and tell me what they are. I love his ability to "speed read" by flip-flip-flipping through stories he already knows. I laugh when he carries one in his lap as we run errands, leaving his blankey behind for the comforts of a favorite board book.

I am comforted that, no matter whom he looks like, this child with his nose in a book is mine. And that bookworminess? It came from me.

Happy reading, Mac-Mac.


Maggie said...

As a kid, I used to get in trouble by reading in bed with a flashlight, after "lights out." Finally my parents took away my flashlight. Then I realized I could still read after bedtime using the strip of light underneath the door from the hallway. Then my parents instituted a lights out in the hallway rule. Today, I still stay up until dawn finishing a book I love. It's who I am.

I don't have kids yet, but when I think about who I'd want them to be, the first thing I think of is a reader. Nothing else could so easily be mine in terms of the legacy we'd pass on as parents together. And really, nothing else would make me as happy.

Maryland Magnolia said...

My librarian's heart is warmed by your post :) Mac's such a cute little bookworm! I don't have kids yet, but I'm so looking forward to reading with them someday :)

Stacy said...

1. That doesn't look like Mac...he looks so grown up!
2. He looks a LOT like Bradley in that picture.
3. Emmie and Mac should have a playdate...they could both bury their noses in books...Em does the same thing...and she gets it from her mom as well!

MatersandMelons said...

Ohmigosh, he is growing UP, Anne!!!

Lil said...

we are the same way Anne! Mac has gotten so big, he is precious!


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