November 4, 2010

Things That Make Me Old

1. I started a chore schedule for myself this week.
2. I totally love said chore chart. (My thirteen-year-old self says, "Whaaaa?") It gives my week a rhythm and saves me from a five-hour cleaning binge on weekends.
3. I was excited about the P&G Brand Saver in Sunday's paper.
4. So excited I barely even skimmed the wedding pages.
5. I just realized that people born in 1992 are now old enough to vote. 1992, people.
6. I am fretting about the effects of Daylight Savings Time on the McNugget's bedtime. (Because if he's up late, my old lady bedtime seems even earlier!)
7. I wear a cami under everything.
8. When it's under 70 degrees, I wear a cardigan over everything.
9. I buy the same pair of shoes in two to three colors and rotate.
10. I have a to do list on my refrigerator with daily meals, to do items and appointments listed.
11. I have my insurance company's phone number saved in my phone. And each of our doctors' numbers as well.
12. I keep receipts in my wallet for weeks and yesterday I found a tissue in my pocket. A tissue! Like the ones your mom kept in her pocket when you were six and had a runny nose. Ack!
13. I love coupons but am too scatterbrained to keep the ones I need with me. My solution? I keep BB&B coupons in my glove compartment so I'm always prepared.
14. I never run out of hand sanitizer.
15. I'm too tired to finish this list. (But trust me, this game could go on for hours...)


Maggie said...

When my brother-in-law was in my car a few weeks ago, he noted that if he needed any additional proof that I was his wife's sister, the trusty stash of BB&B coupons behind the driver's seat would be all the evidence he needed. ;-)

TheBrookshires said...

HA! I can identify with too many of those! My how times have changed since life with babies! I am stressed about the time change thing too! My little one will be wanting to wake up at 4am once it changes! EEK!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Love this list. I've had a chore list for years. I love it. Somehow seeing what I need to do written down for each day makes it easier to deal with. :)

Kelly said...

Love this list! Cute blog. 1992, that does seem crazy!

Erica said...

This is so right on. I found my self agreeing with each of your points! The kleenex one made me smile:)

*Jen* said...

I can identify with way too many of those. :)

Lesley said...

I totally need a chore chart. I've been meaning to do one for months! I absolutely HATE my weekend cleaning binges. How much easier would it be if I just did a little each day. I'm hoping your blog inspires me! :)

Emily said...

I LOOOOVEEEE this post!!! I can relate to almost every single one of them! I wear a cardigan to the store because I get cold there!! And to every restaurant I go to:) U are too cute:)

~M~ said...

1992 people can vote?! I am old!


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