September 23, 2008

Lots of words, but what am I saying?

See my profile section on the bar to your right? Am I still considered a "newlywed" 14 months into things?

Should I be rewriting these little bits of my blog? How does a person really go about giving the world a Cliffs Notes version of her personality in these tiny online paragraphs? I guess we could get into a lot of detail about perception versus reality, the "masks" we show to the world, the images we hope to portray versus the people we really are and many delicious layers of psychological excitement.

I, however, would prefer to discuss the last episode of Mad Men or Monday's Gossip Girl. Holy heart attack, people. No, I'm not shallow. I just devote enough brain power to serious things in my work life that I'm trying to keep it frothy here...

In typical Anne fashion, I have digressed. Bottom line - suggestions are welcome to revamp the blog and blogger (bloggess?!) descriptions. :)

And also, I miss you, far-away friends!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmm...instead of "newlywed", maybe "world's happiest bride"? Brad would probably approve. ;)


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