September 17, 2008


1. Taylor Swift is precious. There's no room for debate here; it's science.

2. She performs songs she has written (or co-written) while remaining fully clothed.

3. I've always wanted curly hair. (I guess that's more of a sidebar.)

4. At 18, her lyrics are age-appropriate, contain the word "Daddy" and reference relatively high-school love stories. No 14-year-old Leann Rimes "How Do I Live Without You" here.

5. She's dating a Jonas Brother who wears a purity ring and publicly models some pretty unpopular (but v. admirable and timeless) values.

6. Did you read #5, Britney Spears? Justin and Britney of the '00s they are not.

6. This particular song has been in my head non-stop for five days.

7. The video is even better.

8. Almost two years after my own engagement, the proposal verse gives me goosebumps. Feel free to mock me as you feel led.

9. Is there an age limit on the wanting to be a princess thing? I guess Sarah Crewe from The Little Princess would argue no, but I'm not sure... Maybe it's in my DNA?

8. Feel free to discuss Taylor's all-around fabulousness or disagree. But first, watch the Love Story video!!

1 comment:

Rowe said...

Finally saw the video and I loved it! Good call, ma'dam.


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