September 24, 2008

I heart Suze.

Suze Orman is fabulous. Sometimes she scares the tar out of me, but she always speaks the truth. Did anyone see her appearance on Oprah yesterday? Holy righteous anger, y'all. That woman was on fire! And with good reason.

No time to discuss at the moment, but I wanted to share a few recent Suze-related articles to get your thoughts and tangle your brain waves for a bit.

Suze Orman answers your money questions (Freakonomics blog, Sept. '08)

Lay off, Suze Orman! (Time, April '07)

The Dollars and Sense of Suze Orman (backgrounder from '03)


Anonymous said...

She was on Larry King recently. She's always fun to watch and she gives great advice.

Unknown said...

I'll respectfully agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan, I take it? I don't watch her often, but do have to admire someone who advises not to buy what you can't afford.

Rowe said...

I've been a big fan for years. I didn't catch Oprah (Darn long work hours!), but I've never really disaggreed with anything she said. I even got a free copy of "Women and Money."

Anonymous said...

Don't you love her!!!


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