August 8, 2008

Wow, Kate Hudson.

I'm not going to try and guess how many makeup artists, hair gurus, fashion stylists and art directors were involved in this "concept" of Kate Hudson as scary robo-creature. Travesty.

Why waste the hours and six inches of pancake paint when she's ten times more gorgeous here:

I know, I know - fashion, artistry, blah, blah. But c'mon. The Fug ladies are just as blown away. And if I looked anything like Kate Hudson, I'd prance around in a bikini, sans makeup, on every cover I could weasel my way onto. The headline would read: "I'm Kate Hudson, ugly general public. I look like this naturally. You may weep now."

Maybe that headline could lose a few words, but you get the idea.


Emily Emeneker said...

Totally agree. I am in love with Kate's easy styling. Booo for this cover!

The Gaymons said...

I agree with you a thousand times!


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