August 14, 2008


Jennifer Love Hewitt, I adored you in Party of Five. I loved you in Can't Hardly Wait. I haven't watched too many of your movies lately, but I still root for you as the girl from the late nineties who embodied all we hoped to be one day. Pretty, sweet, but totally natural.

So clearly I had your back (and your backside) last December when your newly engaged self sported a bikini, looked 100% human, and caught a lot of flack for it.

So why the quick change? Your weight wasn't anyone's business, according to you, eight months ago. But suddenly you've lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks and it's on the cover of US Weekly? I'm disappointed, Love.

The folks at Jezebel have it about right - seems like you want the world to stop talking about your body unless they're calling it thin. Sad news.

Read the last two paragraphs of this, sweetie, and take it to heart. Put it on your bumper sticker, if you must.


Erin said...

love the end of the article where it talks about the runners and the martini drinkers.... i am definitely a martini drinker.... even if I have to do it in my 'fat' jeans...

Anonymous said...

As my friend and sage Doug would say: "Remember, these women are paid to be thin. If someone offered you a million dollars to lose weight you would stop eating too". Clearly, Jenny Love has been paid (US Magazines anorexic, er I mean“fitness buff” of the week), or needs to get paid.

Rowe said...

I whole-heartedly agree. Stuff like this drives me absolutely nuts. I don't think she looks any better without the 18 pounds and I'm so very tired of women (myself included) always comparing ourselves with other women.


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