May 31, 2008

Sweet, sweet Saturday!

Happy Saturday, all! Sorry for the sporadic posting lately - it's been a whirlwind of a month but I'm thrilled to say it should all be calming down soon. (Thanks for that, Blue.)

So today I'm procrastinating some serious spring cleaning by filling you fabulous ladies in... Ahh, to have something else to fill my time besides organizing clothes and scrubbing shower corners. Sure, it feels fantastic when all is said and done, but there are few things I like less than deep cleaning. A wipe, a pass of a duster, the delicious scent of Febreze and Swiffers - I'm all for that. Anything more than 30 minutes gives me a back ache, a headache and a serious urge for a nap.

We're off to Rock Hill shortly for our adorable friends Tripp and Laura Lea's wedding. Of course it never occurred to me to plan my outfit before this morning, so our guest bedroom is covered in dress options. I found the perfect dress to wear - haven't worn it since my rehearsal dinner last summer and I adore it. (And it still fits!!) The problem? The shoes are MIA and I truthfully have nothing else that will work with the dress... (See below.) What to do?

I think I'll be sporting basic black and pearls...sorry, LL, for not thinking ahead!!

In other news, my unbelievable husband took me to see Sex and the City last night!! What a trooper. I think I was a little let down but I enjoyed each of the 120 minutes we were in there. After the insane build-up and the three year wait, it was almost bound to disappoint - I mean, only two hours with our favorite girls after all this time? If you're a fan of fashion, pretty views, SATC or just a fun summer watch - it's worth your $10. Have you seen it yet? What'd you think?

P.S. I'm taking bets on when my "perfect shoes" will magically appear during my long-avoided cleaning session this week. Monday? Even earlier? Ten minutes after we get back to the house? Anyone know another summer wedding where I could sport this baby? I think we've got a slow summer ahead, nuptially-speaking. Whew. After last year, we could use the breather!!

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Rowe said...

Awww, yay Bradley for taking you to the movie. I went Sunday and really enjoyed it. I too would've liked it to be longer and I'd like more story for Miranda and Charlotte, but I've always loved a good Big/Carrie story.


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