May 27, 2008

Adventures at the Animal Hospital

I'm a still thanking God for the number of caring and capable professionals at our local animal emergency clinic. After a late-night surgery to remove blockages from his stomach and intestines, we are hoping our sweet Blue is on the mend.

The blockages in his stomach? A tank top, among other laundry items. Perhaps in a week or two this will be remarkably funny, but at the time it felt like my heart was being pulled out of my body. Leaving Blue alone for hours to be put under, cut open, stitched and stapled back up was gut-wrenching. (No pun intended.) Big hugs to Jennifer for meeting me there late late at night, missing the Grey's season finale ending, and taking Bradley's place while he was a state away.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and concern - we're taking baby steps and our boy is on the mend. We're still praying it continues to get easier as the days go by. Isn't it amazing how much an 80-pound dog means to you? I'm not sure if I can ever have children knowing that it could only hurt more...

The fabulous news - he's worth it.


Alex said...

Awww - what happened to your baby? I hope she's okay! Myrtle had to visit the animal hospital a month or so ago because she ate a bag of raisins - very toxic. Who knew?!

Rowe said...

Poor puppy! Is everything okay?

Rowe said...

Oh, Anne! Poor you and Poor Blue! (Totally did not mean for that to rhyme) Keep me posted on the recovery and I'm with you all the way when it comes to the meaningfullness of pets. My cats are definitely family.


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