May 8, 2008

Do we love these or (k)not?

Silk knot earrings, just like the boys wear on their French cuff shirts.

Lots of stripes and solids to choose from. Saw someone sporting them and they were so adorable! You know me and my bright colors. I think I'd like a light or kelly green, maybe a pink. What do y'all think?

That being said, busy bees, any new accessory purchases you're loving? I've heard rumors of some online shopping that's taken place, so I need to hear what you've snagged for summer.


Rowe said...

I like them! Really cute; however, I also really like a lot of the jewelry over at WoW. In fact, I may have to pick something up from them when I get my haircut in a few minutes. That said, my favorite summer accessory so far has been those silver and white hoops I wore yesterday. I'm not usually much of a hoops person, but I dig those.

Kristen said...

I really like the emerald green color, but some of the colors I'm not so fond of. Particularly the yellow and black. But for some reason I'm moving from a Navy blue obsession(um, hello entire wedding color scheme) to emerald and kelly green ... maybe it's the change of season? In any case, cute!

Oh, and to answer your second question -- I'm flipping over Lilly Pulitzer's summer jewelry. I wear my enamel bangles pretty much every weekend. I have my sights set on one or two more pieces.



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