August 25, 2011

What I'm Learning

  • I feel better about myself after even the easiest stroll than I do after a full, sweat-inducing workout surrounded by mirrors. And I'm not alone. Why should I see my thighs from every angle when I can be busy using and improving them?

  • The older I get, the more I care about kitchen counters, paint chips and things I never blinked at a decade ago.

  • On a full night's sleep, I can handle even the toughest day. Not always with a smile, but usually without tears.

  • Teeth take their sweet time coming in. When can we invent baby dentures and bypass teething?

  • There's a difference between exhausted, lazy and sleepy. I'm walking a fine line somewhere between the three.

  • This pregnancy is flying by much more quickly than Mac's. I keep forgetting I'm pregnant, honestly; the queasiness is gone, baby kicks haven't come and a bump hasn't quite appeared yet. The problem? I'm constantly confused by how tired I am. Then I remember why, and it makes the sloth-like afternoons I've had lately a bit easier to excuse.

  • I'll probably kick myself for writing that in five months when I feel (and look) mega pregnant. I promise: I'm thankful now and I'll be thankful then.

  • Blogs can be a source of encouragement or a reason to feel bad about your life and your choices. Read (and follow) accordingly.

  • Online deals are so tempting. Do I really need this, or am I just drawn to the 3000% off? Am I truly stocking up on Christmas gifts early? And for whom - me or someone else? So hard to tell!

  • Pregnancy brain is real.

  • Or I'm going plum crazy.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

this is why i miss you ;)

Kathy said...

oh my goodness I could (gently) slap you for not showing... I'm guessing boy :). The second I got pregnant with Riley my hips widened a minimum of 5 inches. I couldn't button my pants at 5 weeks pregnant (not kidding).
p.s. I promise (really, I do!) you'll find that 2 is (somehow?!) easier than one :). Praying for an easy/ stress free pregnancy!

Tiff said...

You're so cute! I remember being so tired in the beginning of my pregnancy. And I remember sometimes forgetting too! :)

Misty said...

Considering the newness of your pregnancy is close to my memory - I completely agree with you! Enjoy your lazy afternoons mama, and take sweet naps with that Mac...

Why do they put mirrors in a gym where all you do, well supposed to do, is sweat? Why would anyone want to see that, I mean really! So glad to hear you are feeling better :)


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