October 22, 2010

Sweet Valley Flashbacks

Adolescent fiction must be totally different now than when I was reading it almost (eep!) two decades ago. When I dug into Ramona, the Babysitters' Club, Sweet Valley High and the like, there were no digital cameras, cord-free cell phones, Facebook or blogs. It was a different world, and our fiction reflected that.

Slambooks were like Facebook, only on paper. Mark Zuckerberg, you weren't that creative!

Nonetheless, I was oddly excited last year to hear that Sweet Valley High was being updated and re-released for a new generation. (Annoyed at the "perfect size four" change, but moving on...)

In the early 90s I was a Sweet Valley addict, reading about our favorite blonde twins, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, from their grade-school days, through the Unicorns club phase and all the way to college. I loved reading all their backstories and find out what happened to the twins, their friends Lila and Enid, dream guy Todd and the rest of the gang.

If you're a SV lover like me and have ever wondered what happened to the Wakefield girls after their stories ended, you're not alone. And you're in luck!

Coming in the spring of 2011:

According to People, the novel picks up with the twenty-six-year old twins estranged and living on opposite coasts: Elizabeth in NYC and Jessica in their California home town. What could have caused such a rift?

If you need a Sweet Valley fix before March, take a walk back through time by revisiting every last book on Wikipedia. A very devoted fan spent quite a bit of time putting this together, y'all.

As I scrolled through the hundreds of titles, I realized how very much money one Ms. Francine Pascal must have; I've heard she lives on the coast of France and I can see why! She took a great idea, franchised it, delegated to a troupe of ghost writers and retired. Not a bad gig! Almost 30 years after the first book was published, Jessica and Elizabeth live on.

Is anyone else excited to find out what comes next for the Wakefield sisters?


Whitney said...

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

(That was a little much)

beth messervy said...

ugh. i soooo wanted to be one of the unicorns. i'm the co-prez of the jr service league in summerville, and our colors are purple and white. it's the closest that i'll ever be to lila fowler and her crew.

Kathryn Whitaker said...

I am so excited I finally am catching up on Google Reader (election made it too crazy for quite awhile) and saw this post! SV Confidential is a must read for me. LOVED the series, and I think I probably read close to all of them - straight through college.


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