October 7, 2010

A (Flu) Bug in Our Plans

Bradley is never ill. He has gotten sick (as in "stay home from work" sick) just twice since we started dating. In a favorite family story, he came down with the flu the week we found out we were expecting. It was awful.

Have I told you that story? It's one for the ages; it involves a feverish Bradley, a concerned pharmacist, a surprised Anne and a teeny-tiny McBaby making his presence known.

It was a lot of big news and scary germs to squeeze into one week. Picture face masks, excessive use of Lysol, sleeping in separate bedrooms and being unable to hug or even high five over our happy news.

a fun week, but itty-bitty Mac and I made it through unscathed - and Bradley lived to tell the tale.

Today B's immune system of steel has crumbled for a second time. We just got back from the doctor's office; they are treating him for strep throat and the flu.

Mac's (small, sweet, practically family-only) birthday party is 48 hours away. Would you say a prayer that Bradley's fever breaks quickly and we can still celebrate Mac with our families? And, most importantly, that our tough little man can avoid the flu germs.

Once this bug is gone, we'll have lots of reasons to dig into some cake. I'm rewatching Mac's video for pointers.

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TheBrookshires said...

Anne- Mac is SO cute! I love keeping up with his adventures on your blog. Regarding your comment on my blog...I use Southern Savers for all my coupons. The trick is...I only buy basic things like bread, produce, milk, eggs and meat on sale. And I try to only buy other stuff if it is on sale AND I have a coupon. It does mean we can't be as picky with what we eat and we're not as healthy as I would like...but we are definately saving money. I can always find cheap meals like frozen pizza, stouffers lasage, canned soup and sandwiches or hotdogs for cheap dinners...and I try to mix those in with grilled meats and veggies...so we stay semi-healthy. You can totally do it!


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