June 25, 2010

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is a weekly Twitter happening; people list their favorite "tweeps" so others can follow them, too. It's a great way to "meet" new people and spark interesting conversations - the whole point of Twitter.

Today is Friday. Since I'm currently on a beach applying SPF 900, thus unable to think of anything else to discuss, I thought I'd bring this trend to the blog world and share a few suggestions with you.

My interests (blog-wise) include public relations, current events, cooking, meal planning, theology, marriage and family, advertising, pop culture (a little less than my pre-baby days, to be sure), nursing, bargain shopping, fashion, interior design and anything that involves Christianity, Clemson or the South Carolina coast. As such, the blogs I follow run the gamut.

Here are a few favorites, plus specific posts that have stood out to me lately:

Stuff Christians Like: hilarious satire that hits home because it's very, very true
  • Mother's Day vs Father's Day Sermons: I loved this because it's spot on the sermons at the churches I've been to on Mother's and Father's Days over the years. "Get it together, Dads!" versus "Moms, we couldn't live without you!"
  • Fixing It Versus Being Forgiven: This was a great reminder to me, a textbook people pleaser, Type A personality who mistakenly believes that she is in control. I look at my life, now and in the past, as something I can manage or fix. That's not how it works...
  • Doubting God's Goodness Wow, am I guilty of this sometimes. I don't believe in "karma" and would absolutely tell you we serve a loving God. So why did I flinch when Bradley talked at length recently about how wonderful our life is, how very blessed we are? (Also, the phrase "pull the sheets back and show you the spiders in the bed" represents one of my worst childhood fears. Another store for another day... Made the post even more powerful for me. Eek, spiders in the bed!)
Seattle Mama Doc: thoughtful advice from an expert
  • 2 is the new 1 Moms, PLEASE read this. Your baby is 75% less likely to die or be seriously injured in a car accident if he stays rear-facing until the age of two. Seventy-five percent. With a statistic like that, the least we can do is research our options and make an educated decision. I won't be flippant about the decision, that's for sure.
  • If you're going to buy organic, here's where to start. This was very helpful for me as I begin to navigate the waters of feeding "real food" to a baby and taking a closer look at what's on our table.
PR Breakfast Club hit the nail on the head with their post on mad libs press releases. Remember how fun Mad Libs were growing up? Turns out we've been doing them for our clients without realizing it...

Sweet Amy at Chapters wrote about God's eye being on the sparrow - and what that means for her, and for each of us, really, as believers. I can't express it nearly as well as she did, so please read it and see for yourself.

What's on your virtual reading list today? Any suggestions for blogs I should be following?

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