June 18, 2010

Because It's Friday...

Just because it's Friday - and also because few things are cuter than a dancing baby!

I'd love to see this little man in Zumba; I bet everyone would really step up their game! He could definitely samba circles around me...

The moves he busts out starting around the 2:15 mark absolutely kill me. Still in diapers and already way more skilled at shaking his hips than I'll ever be. What a killer workout, too - he must have quads of steel!

Enjoy - and happy weekend!


StratPack said...

Hilarious! I saw this video on FB last night and cracked up. Such agility and coordination, not to mention rhythm, for such a little person. Nothing against our boys, but I don't see them getting anywhere close to this type of moving and grooving!

As for defining a "slew", as you mentioned yesterday, it's all wishful thinking! With a country estate, hired help, and unlimited income, seven or eight would be nice!

A Southern Accent said...

OMG! I've need seen a baby shake it like that! That's amazing! Hope you have a great weekend!

The Gaymon Family said...

In the words of Marianne, "Oh My Word!" That is so stinkin' funny!

MatersandMelons said...

Oh my gosh, Mom, Hunter, and I watched this at the packing house, and we were ROLLING. It is hee-larious!!!!


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