September 10, 2009

His eye is on Nicole Richie's son....

I've had a hymn stuck in my head ever since I heard yesterday that Joel Madden and Nicole Richie named their newborn son Sparrow. SPARROW. As in Captain Jack. As in this little guy:

Sparrow James Midnight Madden and big sister Harlow will probably fit in perfectly on the LA playground scene, but anywhere else and a name like Sparrow (I keep forgetting to capitalize it, silly nouns-as-names!) would be greeted with utter confusion.

I suppose they could have named him Hawk, which would have lent a bit more masculinity to the tiny tot - but would have placed great pressure on him to grow up big and beefy. Can you really picture a gangly teenage chess player named Hawk?

All that matters, I know, is the kind of man Sparrow grows up to be - and I hope his parents raise him to be a wonderful one.

But was James such a terrible option??

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