November 18, 2008

Um, is your car sexy?

I love my car. I remind myself of this fact every month when I mail off that lovely payment for my beautiful piece of heaven on wheels.

We've really bonded, my Nissan and I. How many tears, stealthy parking lot cell phone conversations, drive-thru errands and highway karaoke sessions have we shared? Too many to name. And yet I have no real desire to make out with my Altima. That's just a fact. (Although the fabulous blue color of my particular car is undeniably attractive. When it's washed. Which I would do if it wasn't negative 300 degrees outside. Hey, get off my back about it, ok? It'll sparkle when I have the time...)

I've often rolled my eyes at erstwhile Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd's way-too-sultrily-voiced Cadillac commercial. Now it turns out I'm not alone.

Watch, giggle, admire Sarah Haskins' wit and let me know what you think. Ever had the urge to give your Volvo a back rub? Anyone?

Go to it!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I hate those commercials. They really gross me out.

I love my car too, but my Ford Fusion doesn't turn me on...and I really don't think a car should!


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