November 25, 2008

Counting the ways

In a life that's imperfect and a world that's absolutely broken, sometimes I find myself noticing every last thing that isn't quite right. ('Right' being exactly how I would prefer it to be at just that very moment.) The traffic lights that catch me every time, the favorite sweater that seems to have disappeared, the sniffles that 'plague' me all day, the slight chill in the house because my sweet husband keeps our thermostat down verrry low. You get the idea.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'd love to list all of the blessings we've each been given and the ten thousand tiny ways we're fortunate this year. That, however, would be nearly impossible. So I'm going to make a valiant attempt - and I'd love for you to do the same! Let's turn off Market Watch, set aside the countless Christmas catalogs Mr. Postman has delivered and get grateful.

-the health of my family and friends
-access to good medical care and time off when we're sick
-the love of our animals or human children, should we have any
-the chance to help others in need
-the immediate comfort that a hug (any time of year) brings
-pride in a working democracy
-jobs that provide stability for our families
-bills we can afford to pay each month
-a pantry full of groceries and a tummy full of food
-coworkers who encourage us
-tasks that challenge us
-homes that keep us safe and comfortable
-gifts under the tree and happy faces around it
-holiday feasts and the loved ones who prepare them
-heat that works, tasty soups and warm sweaters
-the rain when we need it, even if it chills us to the bone
-fun accessories to brighten up dreary work weeks
-a stack of good books to get us through winter
-the dedication of every former teacher who taught us to read
-the belief that, no matter the crisis, this too shall pass
-the knowledge that God is in control
-friends who provide a shoulder, hand or ear when we need one
-a globe to explore, in person or on paper
-reasons to celebrate - weddings, babies, holidays, reunions
-the ability to stay connected through blogs, email and Facebook
-the ability to express ourselves intelligently, freely and lovingly
-the gift of hearing, because Christmas would be less festive without carols
-the gift of song, whether we have it or just appreciate it
-Christmas cards with smiling faces of far-away friends
-the promise of a warm South Carolina spring when winter's over

Keep it going...DayQuil has my brain on pause. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

1 comment:

Alex said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself ... what a wonderful post! Happy Thanksgiving!


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