July 25, 2008

You're pretty fabulous, no? Your life story would absolutely top the bestsellers list and then you're on the express train to Movie-ville. So now the key question... In the movie of your life, who would play you?

Remember - you are doing the casting. So, in theory, I could very well ask uber-blonde and far-from-Anne-like Cameron Diaz to emulate my every quirk and quip. But I won't.

(To give credit where it's due, Kristen gave me this idea...she'd cast Reese Witherspoon. I adore Reese and can see the physical likeness, but think my K. Jo has more sparkle to her. That's the problem. Who could really encapsulate all the fabulous characteristics of you ladies? Hmm.)

Below is a photo of me with my bridesmaids from just 52 short weeks ago...

From left to right, I would cast the following:

For my curly-haired faux sister, Emmy Rossum or Natalie Portman on stilts.

For our new International MBA, I'd pick Isla Fisher or Amy Adams.

For my fellow Mrs. Smith, Katherine Heigl or January Jones from Mad Men.
For Georgia's newest resident, Rachel McAdams or Mandy Moore

For the newlywed formerly known as K. Jo: Reese Witherspoon, just as she predicted, or Jessica Simpson circa 2004. With a little acting talent mixed in for the former Mrs. Lachey, bless her heart.

As for me? The only person I can come up with is Anne Hathaway, for obvious dark hair/dark eyes and insanely fair skin reasons. Also, I think she's all-around amazing. Any other suggestions?

Comment and I'll tell you who should play you...because I probably know best anyway. xo


Savannah said...

Hi Anne! It's me, Savannah! I hope you and Bradley had a good 1st anniversary. I REALLY enjoy reading ur blog!

- Savannah

Ginny Jones said...

For you, dear Anne, I'd go with Katie Holmes (pre Tom), or possibly Courteney Cox. Or a young Sally Field (pre osteoporosis commercials). OK, now me!

Traci Theodore said...

I agree with the anne hathaway...selma blair reminds me a lot of you too. Both beautiful!

The Gaymons said...

Happy First Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley! =) I am thinking that the actress who played the lead in Made of Honor. Don't know her name, but I am hoping you have seen it. She is really cute, and seems to enjoy all of the good things in life!

Anne said...

Thanks, y'all!! :)

For Ginny, I vote for Elisabeth Moss (out of her Mad Men costume and hair) or Elizabeth Perkins circa 1995.

For Traci, Cameron Diaz circa My Best Friend's Wedding. Only sweeter. :)

For Ashley, Diane Kruger or maybe Blake Lively with much shorter hair.

Happy movie-making, all!


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