March 29, 2012

The Four of Us

Let's take a brief intermission to look at some shots of my three favorite people on Earth. The photo shoot that began in early March with Mary Brooks' first signs of sickness got a redo two weeks later, just days after we were discharged.

We were so thankful to celebrate our family being whole again! I can't get enough of these beautiful pictures Christy Hollywood Photography captured for us.

This is a bittersweet shot, taken just minutes before MB first became ill. I love how sweet Mac is to his baby sister, and how tiny she looks here at just two weeks old!

If you look closely, you can see a raised incision mark on her abdomen.
Our little four-week-old fighter!

Mac likes to tell us we're big, he is "wittle" and Mary Brooks is tiny. He's demonstrating this with his "tootsies" right here. It's one of my favorites!

We're thrilled Christy could come back when we had even more to celebrate than the first time.

I wondered after Valentine's Day how I could ever feel so happy in 'real', non-newborn life. Coming home from the hospital the second time, however, was even sweeter.

You can see more of the first shoot here and the second shoot here at Christy's blog.


Malissa said...

Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous family! I love the Mac and Mary Brooks pictures especially, his little face is priceless.

Christy Hollywood Photography said...

I may be biased but I LOVE these images for so many reasons. Gorgeous family!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you have! Mac is adorably handsome and Mary Brooks is so beautiful. You look fantastic! I'd never believe you had a baby 4 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Shoot - it posted my comment as anonymous. It's me, Melissa, from For The Love. :)

The Gaymons said...

So beautiful!! Mary Brooks looks like an angel, and Mac's expressions are PERFECT. Mommy and Daddy are lookin' good, too!

Jessica Hudson said...

I love love love these photos. They seem so natural, yet definitely have the professional touch. I love how they don't seem staged at all and it's just a glimpse into your new little life. Although, if you all look that good normally I might have to hate you :) Such a beautiful family! Congrats.

Mary Douglass said...

I love the picture with her scar! And her tight little fist makes her look so determined! Also - how does Anne look so good post-partum, post-nightmare-week-at-the-hospital? Just beautiful!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

So, so beautiful!! Gorgeous pictures of one gorgeous family!!

Rachel said...

What beautiful photos! Seriously. Everyone is perfect!

Emily said...

Oh my! these pictures are precious.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

These pictures are just beautiful! They are precious, and so happy, and sweet! God is good :) So happy for y'all!


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