November 28, 2011

Time to Pick Out Cards!

It's not even December yet but somehow I'm already "behind" when it comes to the pre-Christmas prep craziness. Eep!

From the looks of Twitter and Facebook, I'm the only gal on the block who doesn't have her Christmas cards stuffed, stamped and addressed just days after Thanksgiving. Oh well!

This year I'll be ordering my Christmas cards from Tiny Prints. We've used them several times before for our (inevitably very-close-to-late) Christmas cards, as well as Mac's birth announcements and party invitations.

The trickiest part in picking out a design is the fact that we don't have a photo of our family just yet. Getting shots of the three of us is harder than it sounds, and I'm growing rounder by the moment - so my vanity will likely weed out 99% of the pics taken of us from here on out.

If you get a Christmas card that has a stock photo of a gorgeous, smiling, tanned and distinctly not us family, at least you'll know why.

Here are a few of my top choices:

Do you have a favorite? Am I the only one who's woefully behind on her card-picking? And who wants to come take our picture?

*Tiny Prints is giving me 50 free cards in exchange for this post. I'm excited to order but likely would have purchased my card from their selections anyhow. And I talk about everything anyway, so I'm sure you would have heard about it.


Winsy said...

Those are great options!!! Im not the greatest photographer but would be happy to take your pictures!!! ps- Mac's belly in that pic with the beautiful blond is to die for! He is giving you a run for your money. ps- the pics of you on here are awesome. Where are the extra pregnancy pounds? You look skinny (minus the bump)!

The Gaymons said...

I am a sucker for chevron! But, we went with a much more traditional card which I like, too. Oh decisions.... You + your adorable belly full of girl sweetness + your two handsome boys = Adorable no matter what card you choose Good luck! Can't wait to hang it up for display at the Gaymon house!

Traci Theodore said...

I like Winterberry Stripes. Can't wait to open my mailbox. :-)


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