November 29, 2011

Still Thankful

Our little house had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All four grandparents and one attentive uncle around our table had Mac over the moon on Turkey Day.

Having everyone help wash dishes had me pretty darn grateful, too.

The next day, we all needed a detox - the adults from our holiday feast and Mac from the constant excitement of fawning grandparent attention.

Luckily, the precious Watson family came by for a pick-me-up! Kristen, Charles and Wynn, our favorite Gamecock-loving Floridians, stopped in on their way out of town and I'm so thankful.

We didn't get nearly enough pictures, but Mac was so giddy from their visit (enough to share one of "his" porch pumpkins with little Wynn) that he smiled all afternoon.

Mac's "Aunt Kitten" got a little snuggle from him on the front porch while her handsome boy was asleep in the car.

B managed to snap a few pics of the post-visit excitement:

In an unrelated note, that last sweet shot reminds me so much of this one:

I just blinked and nearly two years passed. How on Earth did that happen?

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! I'll find out at the doctor this morning just how much that turkey stuck to my ribs - or baby girl's. It was worth every bite!


Tami said...

It goes by too fast doesn't it? Your little boy is a doll!

Sweet Caroline said...

You look great!!! Glad y'all had a good Thanksgiving:)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Glad ya'll had a great Thanksgiving! I love the comparison photo. It really does go by way too fast.

Kristen said...

Seeing you, B and Mac just made my entire trip. We love you *so* much! The pictures B got after we left are just precious!!! xox

Mary Douglass said...

You look fantastic! There is just a teeny tiny bump! I got that pillow from Etsy (I checked for the shop and couldn't find it again?! Will let you know if I do...Baby Girl Smith NEEDS one!)


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