June 7, 2011

I'm Sorry!

I'm here.

I've been sweaty and frustrated and, for one glorious night, staying in a swanky hotel room. (A week without air conditioning in a heat wave? Misery.)

I've been celebrating the arrival of our dear friends' baby girl after months of prayers and pink-or-blue guessing.

I've been recovering from strep throat, then sharing it with Bradley and getting sick again.

I've been visiting with Mac's grandparents and trying, but not quite succeeding, to catch up on work.

I've been furnishing our new home. (This is really coming along!)

I've been planning and dreaming of a beach vacation.

I've been letting my hair air dry and praying good bangs make up for a headful of mess.

I've been waiting to become an aunt TOMORROW when my sister-in-law Laura is due to deliver our niece or nephew-to-be.

I've been reading the Daily Mail each morning and recovering from Royal Wedding withdrawal.

I've been "fat flushing" and eating clean - but also eating poorly. And skipping the gym.

I've been totally addicted to Karmin.

I've been hanging out with my super-cute, far-too-busy husband.

I've been kissing Mac like mad and having real, honest-to-goodness conversations with my son. Heavenly.

I've been wondering how we accumulate so much laundry.

I've been enjoying every moment with "Bac Smees" so far this summer. (See below.)

I, like my little monkey, have been trying to stay cool and hydrated. I don't usually applaud myself for it, though. Maybe I should?

I've been thinking about blogging and most of all about YOU.

A little peek at my life and more updates tomorrow? Forgive me?



lg2006 said...

Oh i just love his little videos!! so sweet!

Kristen said...

DYING. Love these, love him, love you. (How many times am I allowed to watch these?!?) xox

Julie H. said...

Yay! Love it! How cute is it that Mac made sure to put the cap back on the water bottle before clapping. He's a doll! Thanks for the update friend!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

aww man! i miss him!!!


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