September 29, 2010

Pop Culture Catch-Up

I may dab my eyes every time I think of Mac's impending birthday, but there comes a time when a girl's gotta stop weeping and start talking about what really matters: Britney Spears and Glee.

Last night's episode was Glee's much-hyped tribute to Brit-Brit and I loved it! (It gave me pause when the glee clubbers said they "grew up" on Britney; I did the math and they've been lip-syncing to our favorite midriff-barer since preschool. Chew on that.)

There wasn't a great deal of character development or plot, but who needs that when you get an hour of singing, dancing, John Stamos, Emma Pilsbury's wardrobe, Mr. Shue and recreations of classic Britney videos? Glee's Brittany can dance like no one's business, so she paid homage to Ms. Spears' moves in a way few could.

(Remember this AMA performance of Beyonce's Single Ladies? That's Heather Morris/Brittany as her backup dancer - just try peeling your eyes off of her mesmerizing hip shaking and hair flipping... The girl's got skills.)

Keep the snake - can I have your abs?

As if I needed further proof of my age, I began to understand last night why Britney seemed so scandalous to our parents - she was! Her school girl outfit didn't bother me a bit in high school; her writhing snake dance only terrified me. Watching "high schoolers" reenact her half-dressed escapades, though, made me realize that I'm more mom than teenager these days. I wanted to cover up those high school tummies and tone down the, shall we say, booty thrusts?

Who doesn't remember this opening?

Regardless, I loved the walk back through Britney's high points - we've seen enough of her lows on tabloid covers. I'll admit that my roommate and I owned Justin and Britney dolls my first year at Clemson; they were mostly a joke and they lived on top of our TV until the sad, sad day the former Mouseketeers' break up was confirmed. What babies they could have had!

In other pop culture news, evidently orange is the "it" color for spring. It's always the "it" color in our house, so perhaps I'll finally be fashionable come March 2011? Go Tigers!


StratPack said...

Love the Glee commentary. That was such an entertaining episode and you are right, Heather/Brittany can dance! Also, I'm with Santana ... John Stamos is one hot dentist!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't wait to watch last night's episode, and I wasn't disappointed. Loved the performances by Brittany S. Pierce. :)

Rhi said...

I think I was more excited about John Stamos than I was about Britney. Hooray for Uncle Jesse!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I still have this in my dvr. I really need to watch it already! I love old school Britney! Although, I must agree with you. Looking back now, she was definitely quite scandalous!!


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