September 9, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Mac's Mimi taught him to "dance" a few weeks ago, and he's been rocking out every since. When his "Jesus Loves Me" bear sings, it's bouncing time. When I sing him some tunes from our Sunday School class, he starts breaking it down. Every now and then, he dances exclusively out of excitement - no music required.

I caught one such moment on camera and it makes me smile! Babies have a way of finding joy in the simplest things - in this case, the fact that Mac's dad came into the room and was waving at him.

(Please ignore my chatter at the end; I was trying to get Mac to squeeze all his party tricks into one video. Maybe I'll get pattycake and high fives another day!)


melissa said...

So sweet! What a happy little guy!

StratPack said...

Love that you caught this on video! It truly is amazing how much joy these little guys bring to our lives. They are such incredible blessings!

Anonymous said...

He has some serious moves! :) Such a cutie!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I just saw this, but had to tell you how adorable he is!! I just love this!


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