November 5, 2009

Mac is one month old!

One month ago, this very minute, I was checking into the hospital, totally unsure of what was to come. I knew we were about to be induced and imagined that we were twelve or even twenty-four hours away from meeting our sweet boy.

Little did we know that I was already in real-deal labor; I was going to have Mac on October 5th with or without Pitocin's help! Eight hours later, at 8:06 pm, Mac arrived and the last month has been a world-altering blur. I'm still in awe at the unbelievable blessing we've been given.

Happy, happy birthday, Mac! I wish I could list all of the ways you've changed our lives already and made our little family complete. That, however, would require more brainpower than I've got at the moment.

Where is my brain, you'll probably ask one day? Most of it is devoted to feeding and comforting you, reading about how best to take care of you, talking to experts (acid reflux and lactose intolerance are for the birds!) and relying on the support (long-distance and otherwise) of our friends and family. Sometimes squeezing in a nap, but more often catching up on dishes, laundry, baby book reading and, you know, eating my own meals.

We love you tremendously, little man, and can't wait to watch you grow. For now, though, please stay little...I can see you getting bigger every minute. Take your time!! (Except on the sleeping through the night stuff - feel free to do that any ol' time you're ready.)


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT post... I cannot believe that he is a month already! You make this parenthood stuff sound easy! I miss you and love you all... talk soon, i hope :) E

Beth Dunn said...

He is adorable! xoxo



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