November 2, 2009

I know this must have been cute at the time...

Take a look at the shoes, y'all. The shoes! Weren't these high-powered career gals??

Enjoy a flashback cast shot (that seems to have been jigsaw-puzzled together in Photoshop) of the quirky nineties show Ally McBeal. I remember something about a dancing baby, a coed bathroom - and a lot of pin-thin leading ladies.

There are whispers of an Ally reunion - all I can hope is that they update their wardrobes. Sex and the City from similar years doesn't have this dated a look to it. Guess that's what Patricia Field will do to a show!

Anyhow, back to Babyland! Night, everyone!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Saw this on Perez. Forget the shoes -- take a look at that hemline! Weren't they supposed to be attorneys?!


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