May 13, 2009


Could you make it tomorrow morning already? I'm too excited to sit still tonight - tomorrow morning we get to see our sweet Grapenut again... And hopefully find out if we're having a boy or a girl!! I can't wait!

Unfortunately, that has seriously detracted from my ability to focus on ANYTHING else this week - and particularly tonight. So instead of stringing words together in sentences, the best I can do for you tonight is ask some questions. I suppose the first question should be: will you indulge me?? Here we go...

Could we stop talking about Jon and Kate and start thinking about the, you know, eight? Now her brother and sister-in-law, who have appeared on the show babysitting and seeming sweeter than pie, are talking to the media about their impending split and the fact that their family is in shambles. How is this helpful? Who thinks it's doing their family a favor by putting them back on the tabloid covers? Sad...

It's that time again, ladies - wedding season! While I can't squeeze into every cocktail dress I'd love to wear this season, I'm still excited at the possibility of pretty accessories to spice up the two or three maternity dresses I'll be rotating.

I love these! Could I please have 'em?
Maybe a size up for this particular long, pregnant summer?

I'd love to see this light yellow paired with a gorgeous blue cocktail dress. Anyone up for it?

You know I love pink! Too girly? What would you wear these with?

Maybe these?

And these?

Do these shoes remind anyone else of the mid- to late-nineties? Are y'all sporting these and I'm just holding on to an unfair chunkier heel grudge?
Does one really need a satin gala tote? What does J Crew think we'd keep in this??
Wouldn't a pretty clutch suffice?

Would this sink or swim in real life? Picture someone (non-pregnant, of course...) wearing it at a wedding. Do you love it?

Would this?? For a wedding in warm blush or bridal ivory?

(Can you tell I've been visiting J Crew a lot lately?? Can I start getting some free stuff, J Crew?)

One final question, only loosely related to wedding season. The least relevant and most puzzling newlyweds I'm aware of...

My question is simple: Really??


The Gaymons said...

I love the top shoes with the gathered fabric on the toe. If these go on sale, let me know STAT. I will put them on my way too swollen feet in a heart beat!

MatersandMelons said...

So, that picture of Heidi and Spencer makes me GAG! And, no, I am definitely not digging those chunkier heels! I am in total agreement about them being too 90s.

I can't wait to hear what you are having! I know you are just so excited right now -- I remember that feeling very well!

Traci Theodore said...

love the question blog. just buy 'em worries. they're all super cute. and, is it bad that I don't recognize either of the "newlyweds" (although now I know who they are thanks to this christie chick. ;-) when is the impending trip to the lowcountry? i'm ready to see my anne with a bump!

Kathryn Whitaker said...

So excited about tomorrow's appointment - you better let us all know ASAP! I'm sure grapenut will cooperate so you can start color coordinating based on gender.

JON&KATE - feel so sorry for the babies and hate the whole situation. Pooh.

Spent too much at J Crew already this season - don't need the extra encouragement from you ANNE! =)

Pink shoes with white bow - love em - perhaps wear with your favorite plain white dress?!?!

Katie said...

Those shoes are SO 1995--you nailed it! And I'm with you on the chunky, low heel grudge. Chunky and high can be nice, though...

Kristen said...

Heidi and Spencer -- GAG! Did you see that he's doing a rap album? He has compared himself to Biggie and Heidi to Lil' Kim. Are they for real?

On the bright side, all the cute accessories you've posted have eased my nausea! And I don't care how much j.crew, Nine West and others showcase the chunky heel -- this girl ain't buyin'!

Love to Baby Mack!!! xo

Whitney said...

I love the blue suede peep toes - hate Speidi AND chunky heels! Ew! And I think the wedding dress looks like an fluffy pink cupcake! I've been stalking down J. Crew, too :)


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