December 16, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes 2008

Who doesn't love a holiday Tour of Homes? Taking a peek at others' gorgeous Christmas decorations, snagging a few good ideas for next year, enjoying a little hot apple cider while shamelessly marveling at others' abundance of good taste, square footage, intricate nativity scenes and garland-draping skills.... Could you ask for anything more?

You should know by now that anything I can combine with pjs (or gym clothes, as the case may be tonight) and hanging out with my sweet puppy is immediately my very-favorite-thing-on-this-whole-Earth.

So I just had to share this virtual Tour of Homes BooMama has put together. Not only is she absolutely delightful, but she has started a fantastic online tradition. So meander on over to her neck of the woods and see what you'll have hundreds of bloggers' homes to choose from! (And no pressure to find a lovely holiday but not too-holiday-y outfit to wear. No one's looking!)

Enjoy! (And if, in reading BooMama's older posts, like this one, you don't have a giggle or two, I'll give you ten dollars. Seriously, I will. And perhaps invoice her for it.)

Any takers? I'd love to hear your favorites!

1 comment:

Sweet Simplicity said...

I have seen a couple of blogs that are participating in this. I need to go check them all out.


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