December 4, 2008

It's really Christmas!

I got my very first Christmas card of 2008 today- and from one of my favorite people on Earth, Kristen. Their card is unbelievable and the photo sets the bar insanely high. Hopefully she'll post it on her blog so you can all marvel at the gorgeousness of the Watsons. (And their ability to get two dogs and two humans to look great all at once!)

How behind am I on Christmas, you ask? Well, so far I've put up a wreath and a Christmas garden flag. No tree, no gifts under it, no ornaments on it, no batches of cookies or punch, no indoor decorations at all. (If I was reading this aloud, I would pronounce it "uh-tall" just for effect. FYI.)

Shopping, however, I am clearly all over. Of course. I feel great about the buying - it's the wrapping and placing under the (currently invisible) tree that's got me a little concerned. Thankfully it's only the 4th, right?

So the game plan for this weekend is to put up a tree, decorate it, take a phenomenally beautiful picture of all three Smiths and pick out a card. Oh, and collect addresses. Wow.

I'm going to stop the list now...I do enough of that at work. So I'm off to enjoy some "holiday" breakfast for dinner with my husband. Ahh, the things we eat when work wears us out too much to cook a grown-up meal.

Hope your Christmas preparations are coming along a bit better than mine! While I'm bonding with my grits and eggs, feel free to brag about how far ahead of the game you are in Christmas preparations. I can't wait to hear how woefully underachieving I am in that department.

Love y'all! 'Night!


Anonymous said...

I put my Christmas decorations up the week before Halloween. Not quite sure if I should be bragging about that, though...;)

Emily said...

Hey Anne!!
Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog!!
Hope everything is going well!

Kristen said...

You are way too sweet. Thank you for your kind words and nudge to update my blog -- I am still getting into the groove of this whole thing. Love you!!


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