September 27, 2012

GIFs Make Me Giggle: Part Deux

We've already established my affection for GIFs. Instead of spelling out how my life has been these last few radio silent weeks, I thought we'd try GIFfing it out.

(I just made that verb up to describe what you're about to see - go ahead and make note of it, as I'm sure GIFfing is the next big thing. Kinda like "fetch.")

This pup doesn't think "fetch" is gonna happen either, but I'm still holding out hope for GIF as a verb.

Yesterday I procrastinated so long on a "must do" item that I ran out of things to Google and blogs to read. I had writers' block and was in near-panic mode. After suddenly finding it 100% necessary to clean my bathroom counters intensely, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and thought:

While that line of thinking whipped the procrastination right out of me, I felt a little like:

"Tough love feels a lot like mean." - Brittany S. Pierce

Summer's over and somehow autumn has landed; I adore the cool weather!  It's given me no excuse not to run outside or have 100% commitment to my new diet, fueled by the end-cap displays in every drugstore on Earth:

I'm going to be Heidi Klum for Halloween at this (candy-eating) rate.

October brings with it another big holiday in the Smith household - Mac's third birthday! He's become a no-holds-barred, full-on boy in the last few months. He's every inch a three-year-old already.

No matter how he's dressed at the start of the day, you're bound to find him shirtless, pantless or both at any given moment. Post-potty redressing is a bear, evidently - and I've just surrendered to the nudity. I figure we'll cure him of it by kindergarten, surely.

Half the time I don't even ask where his clothes went - until someone calls me out on it via Instagram (eep!) or when guests come over. Then I'm all:

Along with the imagination, hilarity, affection, curiosity and silliness of this new age comes a fresh wave of independence and a few (dare I say it) tantrums. One minute he's professing his undying love for his mama and the next he's stomping in his "fireman boots" down the hall muttering about how wretched his life is.

When B is home and the meltdowns get really bad (as in, Mac would rather skip supper to continue crying), I have half a mind to bow out of parenting for the evening and let my even-keeled husband handle the drama. I have enough emotions of my own!

Sometimes I think Mac's a bit confused about who runs the show; it must be temporary amnesia. If only we'd listen to his infinite wisdom and never-wrong ways of thinking, his life would be a dream. He undoubtedly lies awake pondering how he can shape his parents up and get the rule-the-roost respect he deserves. Poor, adorable little Mac-face. 

Some of the antics are so ridiculous as to be downright laughable; it's all I can do to keep a straight face. Bradley, on the other, hand, is masterful. His poker face is remarkable, and he tends to nip Mac's less-stellar moments in the bud with a simple "really?!" look.

I need to get a "look" of my own, I suppose.

One thing I have been working on is keeping my calendar, and our life in general, as simple and uncluttered as possible. This means saying "no" a lot more than I am used to, but it's been relaxing to prioritize and focus my attention on my work, home, family and friends.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to have the openness just to say:

Ahh. Something to aspire to, right?

What have y'all been up to? Any fabulous GIFs I've missed, or am I the only gal who GIFs 'til her abs are sore from laughing?

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Perfectly Imperfect said...

dead. this post just killed me. i love how much you love gifs :)


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