July 20, 2012

The Friday before Five Years

Last July 21st I was newly pregnant and Bradley was, as usual, working up a summer storm on our actual anniversary.

Days later we toasted four years of marriage at the spot where we'd dined before he proposed; I clinked with a glass of sweet tea (caffeine!) because I'm wild like that.

This weekend will be even calmer than that, as there will be no kids to hurry back to at home; we're child-free. The house is empty, still and silent - it feels a bit like the Twilight Zone.

This morning I kissed my precious little people goodbye for two days. It was especially tough to see Mary Brooks leave for her first weekend away.

Mac hurls himself at my parents' car the moment they pull in our driveway, but I'm not used to MB joining him for the ride out of town. Thankfully they're in good hands; I just hope they're as angelic as can be for Mimi and Grandpa.

Being baby-less means we have all the free time two and a half days can give - now what?!

So far I've lunched with a friend, returned some library books, found out a beloved alterations lady closed up shop (the hard way) and stopped by the post office. My craziness knows no bounds.

Who knows what comes next - a child-free run at the Y? Bringing Blue, our 'first' baby, to the dog park? Strolling downtown? Taking a twenty-minute shower and actually drying my hair?

The lame, tame and totally grown-up possibilities are endless. I can tell you one thing: there will be some glorious sleeping going on up in here this weekend.

That's right. To those of you who find my plans a little too homebound, I say:

Don't hate; I'll have some sweet dreams for you - and perhaps my favorite celebratory combo - gelato and white wine. I'm nothing if not classy, folks.

So happy, happy anniversary to my favorite Bradley on Earth. The last five years have been the best of my life, and even the terrible moments were better because you were in them. I couldn't make it without you, and I sure wouldn't want to try.

There have been enough emotions this year to last you for a lifetime, and I know feelings aren't your favorite thing. (Ha!) The best gift I could give you is foregoing a flowery ramble, so consider this my present wrapped up with a bow.

Happy 5th anniversary, silver Jacks

Also, happy anniversary to my silver Jack Rogers, the best dancin' shoes a bride could ask for. I may have a wardrobe of other colors, but you'll always be a sentimental favorite.

I told B the day before our wedding that you were a worthwhile last-minute investment, and five years later you have proved my point. (I'm going to baby you by not wearing your tender soles out in the rain tonight. A lifetime together requires sacrifice.)

Here's to many more years of dancing, marriage, cute shoes and (once in a blue moon) sleeping in. No better way to celebrate than right beside my B, wondering how on Earth five years have gone by in a blink. If I still feel 25, can we start the clock over?

Happy Friday, friends! xoxo


Kristen said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Was honored to stand beside you five years ago as you became Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Now get off the computer and get to soakin' up some B time! xo

Lana said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you both enjoy a wonderful weekend together! It sounds like you have perfect plans... living, laughing, loving, and loungin- together! :) Lana

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Happy happy anniversary! Sounds like the perfect sort of "wild" weekend (my kind, at any rate) - enjoy that much needed couples' time.

Samma said...

Happy anniversary! xoxo

Sweet Caroline said...

Hope the weekend was wonderful, sounds like a perfect one to me!


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