February 7, 2012

Natural versus "Natural" Beauty

Below please see exhibit A in the case against excessive Botox.

On the left, Rachel McAdams, age 33. On the right, Nicole Kidman, age 44.

Pics via People.

Rachel's skin seems to be looser and (dare I say it) even a touch more, um, lived in than Nicole's.

Mrs. Kidman's forehead is drawn tighter than a drum and I shudder to think of the headaches she gets if she pulls her ponytails back a bit too snugly. (Snuggly? Snug-ly? Whatever...you know what I mean.)

I, like many of us, am completely enamored of Rachel McAdams. I want to be her, something that remains unchanged since my first glimpse of The Notebook so long ago. Considering I cried my way through two-thirds of the film, it's a wonder I saw enough of her to find her so endearing.

Just before Mac was born, her (not so fabulous) film The Time Traveler's Wife was my last movie date with B. And if we're still waiting on this baby a week from now, I wouldn't mind checking out The Vow just to see the movie Rachel's worked so hard to promote lately.

But I digress....

Bottom line: Sunscreen, moisturizer and a few preventative measures I can live with, but denying Botox all the livelong day while bouncing coins off the third of your face that lives above your eyebrows? I'm not down with that.

And there you have it, friends, my weighty thoughts of the day. Back to contemplating world peace now.


Leslie said...

That's pretty crazy! I guess too much Botox isn't a good thing. If only I could figure out how to be as gorgeous as Rachel!

LyndsAU said...

I admit, I want to Botox. But I also admit that some of these women who go Botox overboard look crazayyy! Love me some RM!


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